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About Us

Why MacDuff Candles?

We are golfers and aficionados of true “links” golf. We have played most of the great links courses around the world and we believe that much like the simple beauty of a candle, golf is a game that we all can enjoy, across generations and genders.

In the game, a real links course is defined as “Any rough grassy area between the sea and the land and the word itself is derived from the Anglo-Saxon world ‘hlinc,” of about 931 AD, meaning a ridge. Later the word was used to denote any common grassy area and today the term ‘The Links’ is used to refer to any golf course.”

In life, The Oxford English Dictionary defines links as “an association; a relationship: To put together physically, to be or become connected, related, or associated.”

To us, MacDuff Candles represents all of these things. The act of lighting a candle signifies a special moment to rejoice, illuminate or remember. We are a family owned business. The spark of our company was born on New Year’s Eve in the midst of a celebration across three generations. Our candles represent the energy and input of family members ranging in age from ages 9 to 90. Like the game of golf, we can all enjoy MacDuff Candles together, with each bringing unique strengths and insights to every aspect of our business—from scents to sourcing and packaging to product quality and delivery. We hope you enjoy your MacDuff Candles as much as we enjoy every element of bringing them to you.

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